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Associate Professor of Old Testament at
Regis College, Toronto School of Theology

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FALL Courses : Covenant and Deuteronomy RGB3351 Mon 9am -- Life&Death in Wisdom Lit. RGB3371 Fri 9am
Spring Courses : Intro to the OT RGB1005, Mon 9am - Job RGB5281 Thr 11am - Hebrew Poetry RGB3081 Fri 9am

FALL Courses : The Book of Wisdom RGB3421/6421 Mon 9am  -- Genesis RGB 3114HF Fri 9am
Spring Courses : Hebrew Poetry RGB3081HS Mon 9am -- The Psalms RGB 2263HS Fri 9am

On-line biblical related texts of the Pontifical Biblical Commission: 
The Interpretation of the Bible in the Church,  15.4.1993 
The Jewish People and their Sacred Scriptures in the Christian Bible,  12.2.2002 

Sites to visit :
Biblical and Theological Database: Theoldi - Innsbruck
Resource Pages for Biblical Studies : Volda College
Resources in Ancient Near Eastern Studies : ABZU University of Chicago
Links to the World of the Bible : University of Saint Mary of the Lake, Mundelein, IL
Resources for Ancient & Medieval Studies 
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