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RGB2210HF -- THE CALL TO PROPHECY: Isaiah, Jeremiah, Ezekiel -- M. Kolarcik, S.J.  September 2004

Textbook for the course:  It was my intent to offer D.J. Zucker's book on the prophets as a text, but it is out of print. So I asked Crux bookstore to keep a number of copies of the two volume work by Klaus Koch listed below on the prophets. If you want to have a good general introduction to all the prophets I would suggest you buy those volumes.

Particular course materials

* An asterisk entry signifies a book placed on the reserve shelf for this course in the Regis College Library

ANDERSON,  Bernard W., Walter Harrelson, eds. Israel's Prophetic Heritage, Essays in Honor of James Muilenburg. New York: Harper,1962.
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Course Information:

--- Office hours: My office is located in the main building of Regis College, 15 St. Mary Street, # 202,
tel. 416 922-5474 ext. 249. I will make it a priority to be available for discussions or clarifications on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 2 - 4 pm. Otherwise please feel free to contact me by appointment, or drop in and and see if I am available.

--- 2 Assignments: There will be a mid-term take home assignment on Monday before reading week  (October 11th, 2004); a minor paper (7-9 pages) to be submitted on the day of the last lecture (December 13th, 2004).

--- If you wish to present your research to the class as a seminar of one hour instead of an essay form, that would be possible during either of the last two lectures (maximum 2).