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Regis College, 15 St. Mary Street, Toronto, ON, M4Y 2R5

July 1, 2001


Born -- New Westminster, British Columbia, October 10, 1950.
Entered the Society of Jesus -- Guelph, ON, September 7, 1968.
Ordained Roman Catholic Priest -- Toronto, ON, June 2, 1979.


B.A. (Philosophy), University of Guelph, 1973;
Master of Divinity (MDiv.), Regis College, Toronto School of Theology, University of Toronto, 1979;
Licentiate in Sacred Scripture (S.S.L.), Pontifical Biblical Institute, Rome, 1983;
Doctorate in Sacred Scirpture (S.S.D.), Pontifical Biblical Institute, Rome, 1989.


1973-76 Secondary Education Teacher: St. Paul's High School, Winnipeg, Manitoba, "English Literature," "Composition," "Religious Values".

1984-85 Sessional Lecturer, Regis College, Toronto, 1984-1985, "The Psalms," "Tutorial: New Testament Introduction," "Covenant Theology," "Biblical Hebrew Poetry".

1986-87 Sessional Lecturer, Beda College, Rome, 1986-1987, Fall Semester, "Introduction to Wisdom Literature".

1987-88 Sessional Lecturer, Faculty of Psychology, Gregorian University, Rome, 1988, Spring Semester, "Questioni di vita e morte nella sagezza biblica".

1989- Assistant Professor, Regis College, 1989-1997, "The Psalms," "Covenant in Deuteronomy," "The Call to Prophecy," "Introduction to the Old Testament," "Questions of Life and Death in Wisdom Literature (Job, Qoheleth, Wisdom of Solomon)," "Hebrew Poetry: Psalms," "The Book of Wisdom," "Genesis," "Wisdom and Job".

1992 Daniel Hannin Visiting Professor of Religious Studies, Campion College, University of Regina, 1992, Spring Semester, "Introduction to the Old Testament," "Job as Literature".

1994 Guest Lecturer at St. Aloysius Institute, Bratislava, April - June 1994, "The Covenants of the Bible," "The Psalms".

1995 Guest Lecturer at St. Mark's College, Vancouver, B.C. "Introduction to the Old Testament" (July).

1996 Guest Lecturer at St. Aloysius Institute, Bratislava, April - June 1996 "Questions of Life and Death in Wisdom Literature".

1997 Associate Professor, September 1997.

1997 Sabbatical Leave Sep - Jan, Jesuitenkolleg, University of Innsbruck, Innsbruck, Austria; Feb - June 98, Aloisianum, Brastislava, Slovakia, "Questions of Life and Death in Wisdom Literature," "The Psalms".

2000 Guest Lecturer at St. Aloysius Institute, Bratislava, University of Trnava, April - June 2000, "The Psalms".

1993-1994 Acting Basic Degree Director, Regis College
1994-1997 Basic Degree Director, Regis College
1998-         Advanced Degree Director, Regis College
1999-         Chair of the Advanced Degree Council, Toronto School of Theology
2001-         Chair of the Biblical Department, Toronto School of Theology

1984 "Biblical Leadership: some dynamics of leadership in biblical figures," for Superiors of Religious Congregations in North America, Holy Spirit Centre, Hamilton, Ont., March 30-April 1, 1984.

1985 "The Psalms in the Passion Narratives," Regis College Lecture Series, 1985.

1991 "The Dynamic of Prayer in the Psalms," Regis College Lecture Series, 1991.

1992 Lecture for "Christian Life Series," Campion College, Regina and St. Thomas, Saskatoon, "What is New in the New Covenant of Jesus?" 1992.

1994 Creation in the Bible: A Response to Thomas Berry, Regis College Lecture Series, February 9th, 1994.

1995 Lecture for the St. Joseph's Centre Spring Lecture Series (Willowdale, ON), "The Question of Suffering and the Pascal Mystery." "What Does the Old Testament Say About Suffering?"

1997 December 3, Guest Lecture for the Old Testament in the Faculty of Theology, University of Innsbruck, Gastvortrag, Theologische Fakultät, Universität Innsbruck, HS MK II, Sillgasse 8a, Alttestamentliche Bibelwissenschaft, "Creation in the Wisdom of Solomon" "Die Schöpfung im Buch der Weisheit".

2000 in April at Banska Bystrica; in May at Piestany, Lecture in Slovak, for University Students, "Ekológia a Biblia" (Ecology and the Bible).

2000 October 14-15, Diaconate Programme of the Archdiocese of Toronto, St. Augustine Seminary, "The Prophets".

2000 November 9, Catholic Biblical Association of Canada, Lecture: "Abraham and the Christian Tradition," at Regis College, Toronto.

2001 February 7, In "Reclaiming Our Roots," Regis College Lecture Series, Lecture: "The Dynamic of Prayer in the Psalms," at Regis College, Toronto.

2001 March 20th, The Catholic Biblical Society of Canada, in the series "Biblical Images of God for the 3rd Millenium," Lecture: "Wisdom: An Image of God" at Regis College, Toronto.


The Ambiguity of Death in the Book of Wisdom (1-6), A Study of Literary Structure and Interpretation, Analecta Biblica 127, Rome: Pontifical Biblical Institute, 1991.

Several book reviews for CBQ, beginning in 1986.
Reviews for OT Abstracts, beginning in 1991.
Review of Books of Interest for the Toronto Journal of Theology, 1990.

"Creation and Salvation in the Book of Wisdom," [R.J. Clifford, J.J. Collins, eds., Creation in the Biblical Traditions, CBQ Monograph Series 24, 1992] 97-107.

Two articles in Roots: Finding Strength in Biblical Tradition, Part 1, published by the Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops, Concacan, Inc., 1992. In chapter 1, "Israel: a Covenant People," (pp. 21-25); in chapter 8, "Genesis: the Origin of Evil," (pp. 100-103).

"The Book of Wisdom: introduction, commentary, and reflections," The New Interpreter's Bible, Volume 5, Project Director, Jack A. Keller, Nashville: Abingdon Press, 1997, pp. 433-600.

"Universalism and Justice in the Wisdom of Solomon," in [Treasures of Wisdom: Studies in Ben Sira and the Book of Wisdom, Festschrift M. Gilbert, eds. N. Calduch-Benages, J. Vermeylen, Leuven: Leuven University Press, 1999] pp. 289-301.


For Città Nuova Editrice, Rome: Giobbe, in Guide Spirituali all'Antico Testamento, ed. Gianfranco Ravasi, in Italian.