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General Statistics
February 15, 2003


Toronto Varsity Blues - 6,  Ryerson University Rams - 0

A pre-game ceremony honoured seven players who are graduating this year: Scott Johnson, Jeff Todd, Steve Murphy (I believe the first player of the Varsity Blues to have been team captain for three consecutive years, excluding W.A. Gilmour in the 1800's who was captain for four seasons), Mike Hutchison, Wes Booker, Brandon Barbowski, Ben Barrett, and Jamie Bruno. Thanks for your commitment and energy. All the best to you and your future!

Even though the stats showed the Rams to have outshot the Blues in the first period 14-12, the scoring opportunities were clearly in favour of the Blues and the score indicated it with 1-0 lead for the Blues on the game winning goal by Frank Pallotta

The second period was filled with penalties on both sides but a quick two goal punch on slapshots within a minute gave the Blues a 3-0 lead on goals by Frank Pallotta and Mike Hutchison.  The Blues rounded out the scoring with one more goal by Robert Ryan late in the period  to take a 4-0 lead. 

The third period was surprisingly almost penalty free until the very end and the Blues notched up two more goals by Mike Hutchison and Brandon Barbowski. The Rams were kept scoreless and Jamie Bruno was rewarded with a shut out in his last regular season game. 

The player of the game was called correctly, since Mike Hutchison skated with such finesse and elegance, in addition to scoring two goals, as if to set a special mark in his own final regular season game. 

By establishing themselves in first place of the  Mid East Division in the OUA, the Varsity Blues receive a bye while Queen's and RMC play a best of three series (Feb 19-23) to see who will be lined up to face the Blues for the divisional final which begins Feb 26 at Varsity Arena. 

Congratulations to Ian Malcolm who achieved his personal target in the previous game against Ryerson of reaching 100 points in his three seasons with the Blues during regular season games (2000: 13 g., 14 a., pts 27; -- 2001: 19 g., 22 a., pts 41; -- 2002: 14 g., 18 a. pts 32; for a total of 100 points).

Michael Kolarcik