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October 17, 2002


Varsity Blues 2 -- York Yeomen 1

The Blues faced off tonight against a very talented York squad; the first period was full of the usual first game mistakes and jitters. The Yeomen's goaltender kept them in the game by making several outstanding saves in the first 10 minutes of the opening period. The score after the first period was 1-0 for the Blues on a short-handed goal by George Trifon.

The second period was dominated by York; they outskated and outchanced the Blues by a substantial margin. Luckily for the Blues, the score after the second frame was still 1-0.

The Yeomen tied up the score 4 minutes into the third. Rich Williams assertively pursued his own rebound and stuffed the puck in the net on a wrap-around.  However, the rest of the period belonged to the Blues. U of T played a smart and simple game for the rest of the period. They cycled the puck down low on York's defenseman and got the puck out at crucial times in their own end. This strategy ended up paying off because with 2 minutes to go Ned Devine broke down the right wing, shot the puck, and put away his own rebound. This timely goal gave the Blues a 2-1 victory over their cross-town rivals.

The Blues were led by Jamie Bruno in goal and by the committed play of Brandon Barbowski, Jeff Todd, Ned Devine, Steve Hoar, and Mark Hynes. These players worked hard and smart. Honourable mention goes to veterans George Tryphon  and Ben Barrett.

David Lemanovicz